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Funding Solutions Worldwide

Private Capital LLC specializes in arranging Joint Venture, Private Equity and debt funding for business, real estate, small to medium energy projects. We also arrange private debt lending for professional athletes in the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL.

Our primary focus is on providing consultant and funding services at a range from $2MM to $150MM.

We offer private funding for business products, expansions, mergers and acquisitions and accounts receivable financing.

Our long-standing relationships with a worldwide network of private investors and bond underwriters allow us to present your program for funding with a solid exit strategy that will attract investment capital and allow your business projects to become a reality.

We have solutions that are not available in the traditional lending markets:

Private Funding Alternatives

Private financing provides an alternative to traditional commercial lending in a tight-money market where many worthy borrowers are being denied access to funds for their project.

Private Capital LLC can provide access to private equity, joint-venture funding, bond proceeds and debt, as well as venture capital funding based on the opportunity your project presents.

In today’s funding climate, Private Capital LLC can provide you with investors who are interested in providing funds for acquisition and development, new energy construction, commercial business expansion and bridge funding.

Speed, timing and access to funds are the most important elements in the success of a commercial project. Private Capital LLC will use its experience and relationships to find the private investor who will say 'yes' to your project needs.

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